Developed for the filmmaking professional, the DJI Ronin series are a powerful handheld camera stabilization systems that use custom sensors, powerful motors and advanced algorithms to put world-class precision in the hands of film makers. The Ronin is designed for elite level film making where heavy, cinema grade camera and lens combinations are required including the RED EPIC or the ARRI ALEXA. The more lightweight Ronin-M is designed for lighter camera and lens combinations including Micro Four Thirds and DSLR cameras, and can even carry the RED EPIC and ARRI ALEXA Mini provided that lenses are within weight and balance limits. Created for high-G environments, the Ronin-MX is carries a similar range of cameras as the Ronin-M, but is optimized to withstand G forces. It is ideal for smooth footage from moving vehicles and even the DJI M600 heavy lift aircraft.