Oil and Gas

Offshore Rig Inspection

Safety and efficiency are paramount to modern energy refining facilities and inspections are mission critical to maintaining operations. Traditional inspection methods have always been challenging as facilities can cover large areas with complex structural layouts. UAVs allow for even the largest facilities to be inspected quickly from the air. The DJI Phantom series provides simple, high altitude facility surveying as well as close proximity vertical inspection. More demanding scenarios can draw on DJI’s wide portfolio of products spanning the Zenmuse XT thermal imaging sensor created in collaboration with FLIR, the Zenmuse X5 with its large Micro Four Thirds sensor, and and high-efficiency platforms offering extended flight times of up to 30 minutes. However and whichever technologies are applied, these systems allow teams to quickly identify structural weaknesses, scan for hot spots, identify gas leaks and much more, empowering them to make decisions quickly and move more efficiently to remedial actions.