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Today’s realtors face ever higher competition. Drones offer a unique perspective to both customers and brokers alike. Aerial photos and videos allow properties to be showcased in new and creative ways, adding to the allure while also illustrating the surrounding environs. Combined with indoor photography, realtors are now able to arm themselves with creative tools that were only available to the largest of projects in the past.
Pairing DJI products with software platforms also enables new creative avenues for showcasing unique qualities of a particular property. Prospective buyers could measure out areas for specific features they might want to place on their lawns. A 3D model can be generated from photographs to allow individuals to experience the architecture in new and unique ways.

 Experiencing properties in more interactive ways allows agents to help clients better envisage how a property meets the needs of client.
As part of staying ahead in the Real Estate industry, Companies constantly searches for new technology to provide its associates with a competitive advantage. When it came to using drones to capture more informative photography for listing properties, Leading companies in Real Estate industry saw DJI’s cutting edge drone technology as a possible solution.
Real Estate agents report that their properties close faster than ever before, as well as, generating more interest when they use aerial images and video.